Cortes Community Housing Presents: Home for the Holidays

In December 2018 the Cortes Community Housing Committee launched a holiday fundraiser, HOme for the Holidays:

Tis the season of creating light in the darkest time of year, for sharing food, warmth and stories. For gathering with dear ones and for giving to meaningful causes in the name of a loved one. 

This year we invite you to consider ‘Home for the Holidays’ a local charitable option right here on Cortes Island. Give the gift of ‘home’ to those who currently live here but do not have a stable year round rental home of their own. 

Your gift-giving will help raise the remaining $300,000 we need to make Rainbow Ridge a reality. A place where future residents will be home for the holidays. 

What Home Means to You

As part of our Home for the Holiday’s campaign, we invite you to reflect on what home means to you. What images, feelings and memories does home conjure? What was it like to make home on Cortes Island? What is it like to yearn for home? 

Share your reflection with us and have it read on the radio. We will be sharing your stories with the community over the next few weeks as our Home for the Holiday’s fundraising campaign is underway. 

Submit your reflection to