Q: Can you provide a timeline for when there will be new units available for occupancy?

A: BEST CASE SCENARIO: IF BC Housing approves our first phase of building 4 additional Seniors Cottages before the end of 2018, then we will start construction in 2019. We will follow this up with another BC Housing grant application in 2019 to fund infrastructure (water, sewage, roads) for 20 more units in 2020 with phased housing construction through 2021. Best case scenario = 3 years for occupancy of new units on the new land.

Q: Who has been hired on contract?

A: Ian Scott as Project Consultant, Sandra Wood as Project Co-ordinator, Hayley Newell as Administrative Assistant, Cathy Winter as Book Keeper.

Q: How will donated funds be used?

A: First the land was purchased with donations and loans. Now we are doing the community consultation and design work together with RWA Group as our Architects for the cluster housing concepts, with technical support from engineers and consultants on the infrastructure planning of water & waste systems, roads, power and all the other pre-construction details including a rezoning application. When completed, this “shovel-ready” project plan will be submitted to BC Housing to fund the actual construction of new affordable rental housing on Cortes Island.