Claudia is known to us all through her enormous contributions to the community, if not by name or face. For years she has spent each spring time designing and developing the summer camp programs that both island and visiting kids enjoy, thus providing a vital chance to interact with and learn from each other. From fairy camp for young ones to circus camps, hip hop, kayak and outdoor activities, Claudia has been the inspiration and driver behind these summer programs, for the benefit of our island children (whether local or visiting), as well as providing summer employment to the young people who teach these programs.

In the 28 years that she has been resident here on island, she has moved 28 times, “So many years scuttling from one place to another that I couldn’t do what I came to do”. One year, she told me, she moved five times and all with a 3 1⁄2 year old. She posed a poignant but relevant question; “Imagine what level of creativity might have been available to me to share if so much energy had not gone into housing?”

Wherever Claudia lives she plants a magnificent garden, no matter how small, no matter how impermanent. One of her dreams was to teach young ones gardening though her own stewardship, as for years, she has taught them drumming. The one time she was stable, for a three year period she wrote a gardening book that is still in circulation, as is her awareness that yet again her present rental home is subject to change, as the owners will be visiting soon with plans for the property, which may or may not include her.

Please join us in being part of the solution on this rare rock we call home and wish to see flourish.