Patricia’s friend Janet who moved to Cortes to be close to her family, her son Adam and daughter in law Tamara (and two grand-daughters) who run the Linnaea Farm program that helps put food on our tables. She lives across the beautifully landscaped common courtyard and also feels that the security of a stable home rental has proved in the seven years of her residency to be a “perfect place for a retired single person,” and makes it possible for her to be close to her family at this time of life.

There is already a waiting list for the Senior’s Village and they are both concerned for many of their (and our) friends who would wish and need to live there as they will no longer be able to maintain their home and lands, especially if they have lost a partner or are single.

I asked a neighbour and a longtime resident of 40 years why she and her husband were selling their home, she told me that they could no longer maintain it as they were getting older, had less energy and more physical issues. She made a comment to me that stopped me in my tracks, “You know don’t you, this island is dying”. She was able to speak of the pervasive influences that contribute to a dying culture, both in terms of changing values and changing population spread.

Please join us in being part of the solution on this rare rock we call home and wish to see flourish.