Patricia lives in the Senior’s Village and has done so for eight years. She is 71, vibrant, creative, and in fact many of us know her through her volunteer work at the museum, or behind the scenes with her computer design work. Most of all she is known for the handmade crocheted and knitted animals that grace so many children’s beds. Labors of love that harken back to a more benign spacious time.

But for the option that the village offers her, Patricia would not be able to live on Cortes, even though she has been an intermittent resident on this island her whole life. She does not have the funds to buy nor could she at this stage of her life, be subject to the uncertainty of finding a year-round rental. She remembers the many years of moving out every summer from her rental when the owners came for the summer when she was a younger Cortes resident with a young child. The ongoing fate of many.

It would be an immense loss to the community not to have Patricia, with her skills, humor and life experience, now securely housed for her elder years. She tells me “I am grateful every day. The Senior’s Village has given me a quality of life that I would not have in any other rental situation. It’s so comforting to look out and see lights on at night and know that I’m not alone.”

Please join us in being part of the solution on this rare rock we call home and wish to see flourish.