Can I Live at Rainbow Ridge?

Housing at Rainbow Ridge will be open to any Cortes Islander who qualifies for affordable rental housing via BC Housing’s eligibility guidelines.

It would be a good fit for:

  • Persons with low incomes or modest pensions
  • Seniors already on the waiting list for the existing Senior’s Village
  • Families who do not qualify for a mortgage or are not in a financial position to buy a home
  • Elder home owners looking to simplify their lifestyle or downsize
  • Individuals or couples are welcome to apply


Please let us know, (even if you are not in immediate need of housing) by pushing the button below and filling out the form in its entirety. All registered inquiries enable and facilitate our grant writing process, so register your interest now, even if your need is anticipated to be up five years in your future.

All responses are confidential, but your information will be kept on file so that we can follow-up with you when new housing options become available.