Cortes Community Housing

It’s happening!

affordable year round housing for community members of all ages.


As it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to provide stable homes for those without. Join us in creating community-centered housing in the heart of Manson’s Landing.

Our Fundraising Goal: $1.7 Million

Achieving this goal will enable us to purchase the land, complete project designs and site preparation; thereby attaining ‘shovel ready’ status for the home building project to begin.

Whether it’s a significant donation or the price of a cup of coffee, every dollar counts towards fulfilling this community initiative.

We are well on our way to making this vision a reality.

  • CISS, the Cortes Island Seniors Society, has purchased 51 acres of residential land. We closed on March 15, 2018.
  • CIBATA, the Cortes Island Business & Tourism Association, purchased the 2.6 acre commercial site on April 30, 2018.
  • The Federal government has just announced massive financial support of their new national housing strategy. The Province of BC has also indicated strong financial support. The time could not be better to access real government funds to make this happen.
  • BC Housing is supportive and will very likely help to fund infrastructure and building costs, since we have secured the land. We will be submitting a bold funding application on September 17/2018.
  • We have submitted grant applications, which we are very likely to win, to assist with the cost of early development planning.
  • We have hired a professional non-profit development consultant, Ian Scott, who has outlined the next steps in our project work plan.
  • We have hired a local project coordinator, Sandra Wood, who will help facilitate day to day movement forward as well as grant applications.

“Never be ashamed of the privilege into which you have been born. Use it, use it for the good of us all” (Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

Ways you can help us raise the final $150,000 in order of preference:



Please consider donating to this non-profit housing initiative, all gifts whether big or small, add up to creating more housing options. Consider making a one-time, monthly, or quarterly donation.


Please consider being on our reserve loaner list for future creative housing options.

Commercial Partner

Become a business partner on the commercially zoned lot between Manson’s Hall and the old Credit Union, by helping to fund the new building construction or by renting/leasing a shop or office.


Advisors from many disciplines will be drawn from the community and beyond to help guide us along the way.
• site prep
site and housing design
community interface


• trail blaze
clear debris
buck firewood
guide land tours
build trails
host a fund raising event
display rack cards & flyers
be an ambassador
donate building materials
donate professional skills
contribute your ideas

Next Steps

• on-going fundraising campaign
community meetings
community visioning workshops
community involvement in the design process
government affordable housing grants
construction and occupancy!