The atrocious and heartbreaking war in Ukraine may seem like it’s far way but we are all connected in our digital era, more than ever before. What happens there affects us all over the world.

Canada has just opened her borders to unlimited immigrants from Ukraine for both temporary and permanent residency. They will need jobs, a warm welcome and homes to live in.

-We who have stable roofs over our heads, let us be grateful, for it is a gift not a given.

-To those who do not have safe harbour, whether you are a long time resident or newly arrived, our prayers, hearts and help extend to you.

-To those working at a local level to ensure that those Cortes Islanders who need a home, will get one, please know we will continue this work until it is done, because we have realized now more than ever, that the best way to prepare for the uncertain future the world is presenting to us, is to build and be the strongest most resilient community we can be.

That is why we are forging ahead, finding every creative way of getting the next twenty units built on Rainbow Ridge for the local residents and workers who need stable secure homes, so that we remain a varied community of all ages and incomes.

This is the time when shaken by world events; we open our hearts and wallets to help, in ways that we are most drawn, to be our best selves, to give of ourselves to make our immediate and larger world a better place.

Blessings and thanks to you all for supporting the Cortes Housing Society and for being part of our community.

With gratitude,
Sandra Wood, CHS Executive Director

On behalf of the Cortes Community Housing Society