Great News from the Cortes Community Housing Initiative!

A big project is like a roller coaster, seldom a straight or level path. We ride the highs and the lows but keep moving forward, in trust that we will manifest the vision. In this case it is to provide affordable rental housing to Cortes residents who need it.

January 2019 was an exciting month of support towards this goal. A Cortes family who love this island and really want to see it flourish just donated $20,000. They have first-hand experience of living in cities where affordable housing is not sufficiently available and do not wish to see Cortes suffer the fate of so many places, where long-term residents are forced away through lack of affordable and available housing.

Another $5,000 is a grant from a local financial institution who believes that what we are doing is both needed and additive to the broader goal of building a healthy community.

We were giddy with excitement. We realized that 1/15th of our target for this year was already in hand, and that we only had $275,000 left to raise.  That was a sobering realization — but doable. Especially with help, continued and renewed help from all of you.

Please consider contributing to the Cortes Community Housing project at any level you can. Both big and small contributions are welcome. Tax deductible donations can be mailed to the CISS Housing Committee:

PO Box 27, Mansons Landing, BC, V0P 1K0 OR made on-line by visiting our website here.

This project can only happen with all of our help. After all,


Photo Credit: Darshan Stevens Photography