Home for the Holidays

An Interview by Roy Hales with Sandra Wood and Hayley Newell

For most of us, Christmas is a time when families come together. However there are still some Cortesians for whom the word home takes on a more temporary aspect. Cortes Community Housing is attempting to help rectify this situation on 51 acres they recently purchased in Mansons Landing. In this morning’s program, Sandra Wood and Hayley Newell talk about their association’s new initiative to giving option: Home for the Holidays.

“Being a young person, a renter, in this time, … it is hard to imagine ever being able to afford to own a home and so what it means for me is having access to a place where people can come to rest, a place where people can feel safe and cosy and nurtured. All of those positive feelings that can come from home while being somewhere that they have come to really love.” – Hayley Newell.

In the podcast, Sandra & Hayley explain:

  • Why should we care about this project?
  • Two personal perspectives: Why are Sandra & Hayley involved?
  • What does Cortes Community Housing intend to on those 51 acres?
  • How much can they accomplish with the $1.4 million they have already raised?
  • Where can they go for financial assistance?
  • Home for the Holidays: a Christmas campaign that enables everyone to help bring this project into fruition. 

“Home for the Holidays … is a new fund raising event that we thought would be a great way to start the Christmas Season. For those people who would love to donate to the project and are also looking for a creative gift to give to a loved one, this is a way you can make a donation and give a gift at the same time … We have a lot of different options, people could donate as little as $10 and that would enable us to buy a doorstop in the new housing units … $350 would enable us to buy a window …” – Sandra Wood.

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