Volunteers and trucks needed for Sunday April 23, starting at 9am, please contact: Suzanne@fletcherfacilitation.com

The Cortes Housing Society (CHS) would like to share our gratitude for the team that created our new trails at Rainbow Ridge: Laurier Mathieu, Ira Ellingsen, Jeremy Ellingsen, Jan Hansen, Greg Doerksen, Matthew Cuscianna and Floyd Anderson. Thank you for sharing your skills, equipment, energy and enthusiasm for creating something special in our community!

The new trail system will make it possible for the community to continue to walk the land at Rainbow Ridge once construction of the 24 new townhomes begins. The team did an excellent job removing dangerous trees, leaving many in the forest along with additional alder chips to support the ecosystem. Additionally, they removed much of the broom and holly, both invasive species.

We chose the width of the trails to accommodate people, strollers, bikes, horses and dogs to easily pass each other in two directions or to walk side-by-side for a chat with friends and family. One of the goals of the Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) grant was to provide more covid-friendly outdoor recreational space where people could safely walk 3 to 6 feet apart. With a little time the salal and ferns will grow back to soften the edges and the wood chip topping will be added. We continue to walk the trails with our clippers to cut back roots and vines, please use caution when using the trails. We hope you enjoy them!

A generous amount of dead standing alder was cut along with the trees that needed to be removed to create the new trails, which gave us the idea of creating a community firewood day. Many from the team that created the trails will be volunteering to buck up the logs and use Island United’s splitter to pre-process the trees before our community event.

Sunday April 23 starting at 9am will be our community firewood day. If you have a truck or trailer and are willing to volunteer to deliver a load to a person in need email: Suzanne@Fletcherfacilitation.com

If you would be helped by receiving a free load of firewood please email Suzanne to share your name, address and phone number. The wood is limited, it is estimated that we may have 30 truck-loads; we will do our best to share what we have with those in need. Dry alder is great for spring & autumn fires to take the edge off cool mornings or evenings, then you can save your fir and hemlock for the deep cold of winter when you need more heat.

See you on the trails,

Suzanne Fletcher | CHS Project Manager

On behalf of the Cortes Community Housing Society (CHS)