Well, we are navigating some strange times together. Cortes Community Housing continues to plug away at what we can. Here are some happy updates:

1) The Housing Committee hired Miranda Cross and Thomas Biebighauser to development a Stormwater Management framework as part of our commitment to improve stormwater management on the Rainbow Ridge property to protect the lake. This is an important first step, and please note that this is currently a high-level framework only, NOT a finalized plan.

This report is available on our website here along with all other project reports to date. Check them out.

2) While everyone is staying home and staying healthy, you can order a copy of HOME on-line from LULU here.  It’s a great time to catch up on our reading! HOME is also available at the Cortes Natural Food Co-op,  the Gorge Harbour, and Squirrel Cove General Store- ask them to add a copy to your grocery bag for home delivery!

Be well Everyone!
Your Cortes Community Housing Committee