Canada has taken an action that a few years ago might have been unimaginable. It has banned the sale of real estate to non-Canadians for at least two years and perhaps beyond.


Because there is a massive housing shortage of affordable and regular housing for Canadians who already live in this country, let alone those who will be entering as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Those of us non-Canadians who live on Cortes part of each year are exceedingly privileged to have a second home and on such an exquisite and magical island.

Let us please share the wealth of our good fortune with those who have no homes at all on our beloved island of Cortes.

Please help the Cortes Community Housing Society, a charity dedicated to building affordable rental homes on Cortes for those who need them and haven’t been able to find them due to the severe housing shortage on island.

May we non-Canadian home owners on Cortes be part of the solution, not only part of the problem. May we, second home owners, be we Canadian or not, support our island and support those who need homes. We need to raise another $100,000. This will enable us to hit our original fundraising goal of $1.7 million, as well as build trails through this land for the use and enjoyment of all.

Donate Now

Please help, because a vibrant healthy Cortes community is of benefit to all who live on and love Cortes Island.

Priya Huffman,
On behalf of the Cortes Community Housing Society (CHS)