To all who participated in the SRD’s Public Hearing for Rezoning Rainbow Ridge, THANK YOU. Whether you wrote letters, whether you showed up, whether you listened in, whether you called in. THANK YOU.

I was listening from the comfort of my Squirrel Cove cottage as so many friends and supporters were calling in from every part of the island, and from every aspect of island life, to support our rezoning application; which is essential in order for us to move forward with the affordable housing project on Rainbow Ridge.

It was touching and inspiring to hear each of you, so many different points of view all pointing to our love of Cortes, our deep wish to see it flourish and our collective realization that without more housing, more affordable housing, this cannot happen.

Each person spoke with kindness, with respect, with clarity and with a quality of heart that was palpable. Never has the saying, ‘it takes a community to build a village’ been more true.

Thank you all,

Sandra Wood, Housing Co-ordinator