Summer on Cortes is usually a hectic time relishing sun, fun, and warmth with family and friends. Nevertheless work on Rainbow Ridge has continued throughout. So much work behind the scenes that cannot be seen immediately, but is essential before we can be shovel-ready. That’s why we would like to share some of those things with you and all that has happened since our last update.


  • We have applied to the Recovery and Resiliency Fund for a $50,000 grant to help with core operational funding & staff/volunteer training and should soon hear if we were selected.


  • We are deep in the process of selling the Gregg Road lot, which had been generously donated to us to be converted into funds for affordable housing on Rainbow Ridge. Given the nature of the land and its invaluable commercial status, it is important that the new owner utilize its commercial capacity and be community minded. This sale is in process and it will be formally announced once finalized.



  • We are finalizing a covenant with Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI) for the new Rainbow Road where by, after it has been built as part of the Rainbow Ridge rental home construction project, the road will be maintained by MOTI thereafter. This is a huge deal, long in the works.


  • We are working with Iredale Architecture to better utilize the natural contours of the land, thus reducing earth moving and civil engineering costs and keeping a more fluid natural site.


  • Without compromising on design function and form, we managed to consolidate the Rainbow Ridge resident’s parking into a single location to help reduce costs of building dual driveways & parking lots.


  • Likewise, we managed to simplify the water, sewer, and power line routing to reduce cost of on-site infrastructure.


  • We hired Kinship Design for the revised Stormwater & Landscape site plan.


  • We finalized and flagged the location of the 2 wastewater fields.


  • Soil testing for nutrient absorption on site is complete; a final report will be released later in the autumn and be posted on our website.


  • Best of all, we are aiming for a Town Hall Community meeting to share more details with you later this year, the exact date and location to be announced.


In the meantime, enjoy the last warm days of September.


Sandra Wood, CHS Executive Director

On behalf of the Cortes Community Housing Society (CHS)