On July 3rd many gathered to cut the ribbon on the new trails, finally connecting the southern trail systems to Mansons Landing Park. It was a joyous occasion, long in the planning, made possible by a grant from the Healthy Communities Initiative and by YOU. By each of you who have ever thrown $1 or $100,000 into the hat towards buying these keystone lands. We are grateful that these interconnected lands will also be home to our long awaited and much needed affordable housing on Rainbow Ridge.

So the work continues, including the design of site infrastructure. The well is scheduled to be drilled soon. The Cortes Housing Society (CHS) is making the Rainbow Ridge project ‘shovel-ready’ to meet the BC Housing high standards for their next grant intake. This extends the scope of what we can and must do to support our diverse island’s housing needs.

While each of us wants this crisis to be solved, we also recognize that donor fatigue is real for a housing project that spans so many years, and yet we still need your financial support. Please donate. Whether small or large, it inspires and enables us to continue working hard to alleviate the desperate need for stable year-round housing for the residents of Cortes.