Cortes Island Seniors Society (CISS), whose commitment to the welfare of seniors have propelled them to make affordable housing a possibility for more seniors and beyond our community. They own and operate 10 rental cottages in the Seniors Village. Their board members are as follows:
Carolyn Howson (President)
Sue Ellingsen (Vice President)
Peter Elliott (Secretary)
Brad Betz (Treasurer)
Elinore Harwood
Judy Malek
Peter Henbury
George Lerchs
Bruce Ellingsen
Arlene Tompkins
Elizabeth Anderson (Liaison to the CISS Housing Committee)

Cortes Community Housing Society (CHS) is a subcommittee of the CISS. The purposes of the society as per our constitution are: To relieve poverty by providing and operating affordable housing and incidental facilities for low to modest income households on Cortes Island, BC. Our board members are:
Elizabeth Anderson (President and CISS Liaison)
Bill Weaver (Vice President)
Carol London (Treasurer and Secretary)
David Rousseau
Ruth Riddell
Andrea Fisher
Ashley Zarbatany
Hayley Newell
Hubert Havelaar

CISS & CHS Staff:
Sandra Wood (Executive Director)
Ian Scott (Development Consultant)
Mathew Jakimowicz (Housing Administrator)
Cathy Winter (Bookkeeper)

The Cortes Island Foundation (CIF) whose mandate is to foster a culture of giving and to support a wide range of emergent community needs, their board of directors helped to launch this affordable housing initiative. We give special thanks to individual loaner/donors who stepped in wholeheartedly to support this project, some of whom wish to remain anonymous. In addition to the following foundations for their grants, donations and seed fund contributions: Tides Canada-USA, BC Housing, Victoria Foundation, Coastal Community Credit Union, Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corp, BC’s Rural Dividend Fund, Somerset Foundation, and Canada Helps.
Thanks to their generosity and the work of those mentioned above, we can now say…

It’s happening!